After installing booktype I cannot view it.
  • I went through the installation process (, but after I was finished I wasn't able to connect to it.  It's installed on a sandbox server that we set up just to get this running but going to SERVER_NAME:8000 doesn't connect.  How can I go about using BookType?
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  • Are you running it over apache/nginx or with builtin python web server? If you are using last method, you should bind the server to the public ip address... for instance: runserver

    If you don't specify it it will bind to the and then you can only access it from that machine.
  • Try running the Booktype inside a screen so that it doesn't close down when you disconnect?

    Run command "screen" and then start Booktype.
  • That took care of it, but now I'm seeing a new, related problem.  Since it's installed on a dedicated server the only way to work on it is by connecting to it.  So I do all this with putty, but as soon as I close the putty window the booktype server program closes.  How can I get it to stay running even if I personally log off of the machine?
  • That did the trick, thank you!