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Problems with installation of ZEN* theme on Newscoop 3.5.3
  • Hi sourcefabricans=) I found a problem with ZEN* theme in Newscoop 3.5.3.
    By steps:
    1. I installed newscoop 3.5.3 in subdirectory "newcoop" on my hosting
    2. During installation I`ve chosen the standard theme in package "The Journal", but then wanted to check the work of ZEN template
    3. So I uploaded using ftp tar.gz archive with ZEN theme in "backup" folder of my newscoop installation, and with the help of backup menu from admin-panel of newscoop I restored uploaded archive.
    And found problems with files:
    newscoop/templates/set_zen/_img/icons/photo.png, audio.png, ico-rss.png, locked.png and other image files in this directory they were not shown on my site.
    In file article-icons.tpl I made changes - deleted slashes ''/'' in the beginning of of parameters:
    -before change:
    {{*<img class="a-icon" alt="Article locked" src="/templates/set_zen/_img/icons/locked.png" />*}}
    -after change:
    {{*<img class="a-icon" alt="Article locked" src="templates/set_zen/_img/icons/locked.png" />*}} 
    and like this with all parameters in this file, and all images from set_zen/_img/icons/ folder were visible on the front page.

    But problems remain in article and section pages with images from set_zen/_img/icons/ folder, and with captcha image. What can you say?
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