Video/Audio embedding / Shared Hosting
  • First of all kisses on all of your foreheads!!! How nuts can one be to offer such a package for free to the world?

    I could not find a way to embed video or audio. According to what I know these are just simple tags in HTML5. Correct?
    Not being a developer or technician: Is there a way planned for  a simple installation in a shared hosting environment? Mine is LAMP with Python and many other things but no shell access. Have you planned anything like a noob version?

    Many thanks to you in Prague, the most beautiful city in the world or wherever you are.

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  • hi,

    Thanks for the very nice comments!

    We havent integrated video yet. If you know any developers maybe you can convince them to work with us on integrating it. We have very good ideas on how it should be done but its not on the to do list for some months.

    As for the shared hosting, we are just working out all that now...if you want a hosted Booktype we can set you one up if you cant wait but I would need to ask internally the costs.

  • Hi Adam,

    thx for the quick response.
    No, I don´t know any available developers at the moment.

    Is audio planned for integration?

    I am experimenting with this exceptional tool at for the beginning.
    And yes, at some later point in time I would like to have my own hosted solution.

    Btw. as this is Open Source software: Are there any restrictions re commercial use, i.e. producing&selling books with the software as is?



  • hi Arne,

    Audio is on the horizon. I cant tell you when at the moment because we are experiencing quite a lot of interest and the development timelines are in review. If you do come across someone that want to work on this then let us know as it would speed it up as we are always happy to receive contribs, otherwise watch for the new post-release milestones which will be posted shortly here:

    There are no commercial restrictions on the software. We also do not take any commisison on any books sold through any channels. All the money you make from book sales is your own. We want you to use Booktype and if you can make money with it then even better :)

  • I am also looking to integrate video into my HTML books. I'd like to insert lots of Camtasia-like screen captures into my books to reduce the amount of writing and show people how to perform a task. A simple "insert video" button would serve me well, with the ability to do normal object alignment with text, size the thumbnail and caption the thumbnail.
  • Video is important for us as well. When creating ebooks you want them to be more alive than old fashioned books - this functionality is required before we can start using booktype. Other than that is seems great. 
  • I seem to be in the same boat as others, seeking a solution that can incorporate audio and video as well as text. In essence, I'm seeking a cross-platform version of iBooks Author. This looks like a great project, and I'll be very interested in receiving updates about interactive functionality. 
  • Hello,

    starting now with airtime, looking for video.
    There is another discussion at

    Kind regards,