does Booktype allow inserting text in copyrighted ebooks?
  • I have been looking for an ebook reader with excellent annotation support.  These were my requirements:

    • A.   using a keyboard easily insert, and then save, text anywhere in any copyrighted ebook published in any of the most common formats, including Kindle's (only for my personal use, or to share with a friend)
    • B.   perform hand writing (with a stylus) in the margins and anywhere else on each page.

    I have the impression that Booktype does not meet my requirement B.  I would however accept just having requirements A met.

    These are my 2 questions:

        1. Does Booktype indeed meet requirement A?
        2. Is Booktype one of the best available products meeting requirement A?

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  • Booktype at the moment is a production environment not really a reader. Confusing as it may sound the features you want are on our development map but not in quite the same way you need them. We are building these features into an online reader - comments, annotations etc. I In addition to this, just to confuse things more, it is possible to use Booktype to make the functionality you need in an ebook for use in readers but it is not really the straight forward path you require.
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  • Thank you.  I keep hoping to find, sooner or later, the ideal annotatable ebook reader.