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"Remember password" option
  • Hi SoFabulous community!

    Could anybody help with "Remember password" option for the registration form? Do we have a ready-made solution? Could anybody to share a link or code. Thank you!
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  • Could anybody help a woman? Halloo! :)
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    I would like to help a woman, in many ways, just it looks kind of hard.

    * If it is about remembering a password for a login form, then it should be a browser thing. Any problem here (outside chrome)?

    * If it is about staying logged-in, then first the cookie in browsers should survive browser closing (i.e., it should not be a session cookie), second, there should be no time-out for server stored sessions.

  • Hi Martin! Thanks for your help! :) The question is about a link like "I forgot the password" to help a user to restore it somehow.