Customizing LiquidSoap scripts
  • Dear Sourcefabric team,

    Thank you for all of your hard work to make Airtime what it is today. I'm a technical volunteer for the University of Waterloo's radio station CKMS 100.3 I've installed Airtime 1.9.5 on Ubuntu server 10.04 (both are in default configuration.)

    Our transmitter is in a remote location from our studio, and at the moment, we are using Ices/darkice and the "stream handover" configuration specified in the FLOSS manual
    This bypasses LiquidSoap, and all of the other benefits of the Airtime service.

    I would like to send the Ices/darkice stream to LiquidSoap, but don't know how to configure this. The manual doesn't help

    Currently, my best way to figure this out is to wade through the files shown from the command line
    $ sudo find / -name *.liq
    Then "reverse engineer" what you've done using the Liquidsoap API. I'm not a programmer, but I muddle through most things eventually.

    Is there an easier way? Do you have any more documentation on how sourcefabric has implemented LiquidSoap?

    Any advice would be much appreciated
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    We are planning on implementing this feature in 2.1, so if you just want to wait a couple months it will be there. If you figure out how to do it, please post your code.  I'm pretty sure a couple other people have managed to hack the code to do this.

  • Hello Peter Higdon !
    In our radio Bieszczady.FM we hack this ;) First of all I recommend take tour with Internet DJ Console (more, more powerfully than Ices/darkice and user-friendly)

    I explained the way of hack in this topic , also Romeo show his way.

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  • Hi Peter,

    Liquidsoap documentation is available here

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  • Thanks so much for your timely responses. Thanks to krzakx for pointing me to Romeo's post here
    He shows how to use #input.harbor for streaming into airtime without setting up an icecast server.
    I have been told NOT to set up an icecast server at the studio b/c it has a static IP [edit: oops, I mean dynamic IP- thx Martin], and we would go offline when our IP gets re-assigned.

    @krzakx: I can't see an advantage to using DJ Console when Airtime should be handling all the configuration. If anything, I would use mixxx, bringing the discussion full-circle.

    @Paul: I'm not sure what you mean by 'implement this feature'. You mean with a GUI/Wizard? implementing your own input.harbor? The beauty of Airtime is how it glues together mature OSS projects with a "lazy" programmer ideal. Dealing with each project separately is much easier than sorting through airtime's "glue". As a novice volunteer, I don't want GUIs for everything, but hope for more guidance than the typical: "see projectX docs."
    I'd be more than happy with step-by-step how-to's for popular modifications of _default_ airtime settings in the .liq scripts, postgres config files, monit, etc. This forum might grow into this eventually (a question oriented forum similar to stackexchange would improve searchability). When I get it working, I'll post my step-by-step instructions here.

    Thanks again for this awesome _free_ broadcasting tool!

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  • If you have a static IP, your IP address does not get reassigned. Perhaps you meant you have a dynamic IP address?
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  • Hi Guys,

    I've stared at this for a while, and haven't been able to get much further than I was.
    Here's @Romeo's code:
    set("harbor.password", playlistPasswd)

    liveInput = input.harbor( id="live", 

    playlistInput = input.harbor(id="playlist", 

    noiseInput = noise(id="noise")
    noiseInput = amplify(id="noiseAmp", 0.05, noiseInput)
    noiseInput = rewrite_metadata([("title","no signal")], noiseInput)

    #Master Input
    input=fallback( id="mainFallback", 
    # transitions=[crossfade, crossfade, crossfade], 
    [liveInput, playlistInput, noiseInput])

    out192 = output.icecast.mp3( id="192mp3",
    The function I need to build is output.icecast.mp3()
    Where I do put it? in a new script? Where/how does it get called?
    I did
    $ grep "output.icecast" *.liq
    and the only scripts that have it are shoutcast.liq and external-todo.liq
    Reading over these two scripts didn't help much.

    Thanks a lot!
  • Try looking in /usr/lib/airtime/pypo/bin/liquidsoap_scripts/ls_script.liq and ls_lib.liq

    Note that these files are overwritten on every install/reinstall, so you might want to make sure you keep them safe somewhere else as well.
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