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  • Hi,

    Latest Airtime 1.9.5 from repository (apt-get), Ubuntu Lucid + latest updates
    Worked great for weeks and then blam the on air light didn't work anymore yesterday.  Digging into the logs I found zendphp.log had:

    2012-01-12T02:04:20-05:00 ERR (3): Resource in database, but not in storage: "/srv/music/Test/4-02 symphony no. 4 in b flat major,.mp3"
    2012-01-12T02:04:20-05:00 INFO (6): 404 Not Found

    This was for every file.  I have purged airtime and the database and /srv/stor and re-installed and reimported all the music, created a new show and playlist and configured /etc/airtime/liquidsoap.cfg but still the same error.

    Liquidsoap is fine and pypo shows the schedule sent.  The audio files in the cache are 0 bytes.

    Not sure what to do.  Any ideas?


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    so, what about "/srv/music/Test/4-02 symphony no. 4 in b flat major,.mp3"? Is it existing?
  • Hi Andrey,

    Yes I should be clear that all those files are in the import folder in MP3 format and the oldest have all been repeatedly played.  Even those ones appear in zendphp.log  Those files are all appearing in the library but when you make a playlist and click the > next to the song it shows ||  but no audio.  Checking zendphp.log shows an error that the file cannot be found but it's in the database.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    Is it possible that the permissions of this folder have changed so that apache is not allowed to read these files anymore? They should be readable by user www-data (default user that apache runs as).

    A good test would be running

    sudo -u www-data mplayer "/srv/music/Test/4-02 symphony no. 4 in b flat major,.mp3"

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  • Hi Martin!

    Good catch.   I don't have mplayer but point taken.

    Since root owned the watched folder and the group was the logged in user, the import worked for the library but when it went to play it needed www-data.

    This is a samba share to allow the content to be accessed from a windows net so the permissions need to be checked in Samba to make sure they are applied correctly when the files are copied into it.

    Should it be www-data.www-data and 750 for the watched folders?

  • You can change the owner to www-data as you suggested, or since these are just audio files, make them readable by all.

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