Continual tracks (Daily)
  • A lot of the daily programs we carry are automated in our current environment. i.e. downloaded, renamed and copied into the correct playout folder.

    Could we change that to the "watched" folder and have it automatically played in an existing playlist?
    1. Script fetches dn2011-1209-1.mp3 from a remote host, renames it democracynow.mp3 
    2. Script moves it to the "watched" folder
    3. Airtime grabs it and moves it into the appropriate subfolder
    If we built a playlist for Monday through Friday and 12:00PM to play the file democracynow.mp3, would the above hold true? i.e. the daily democracynow.mp3 file is replaced as part of the watched folder import process or are they incrementally named?
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  • OK, so I tried this over the weekend and it failed. Any thoughts?

  • Hi Rick,

    It should work if you are moving the file to the "watched" folder.
    I'm not sure if you are copying it to "real watched" folder or copying it to "organize"(/srv/airtime/stor/organize by default) folder. I'm suspecting you copied to "organize" folder, because your comment #3. If a file is copied to watched folder, airtime doesn't move it to anywhere. It only organizes it when files are copied to organize directory. Can you please try to do it under "watched" directory?

  • Hi James,

    Moving that server to another rack tomorrow, will try it after that.

    I did it in the set "watched" folder with is the users home folder /home/rickles/tracks. Will go back through the config as well.

  • OK, now that we have streaming working I will get back to this tomorrow.

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    Hi Rick -
    This use case of overwriting an existing file and preserving your playlist is handled in 2.1.  You can even try it out now if you want to grab the latest GIT "devel" branch.
    - Paul

  • I think he wants to overwrite the existing file here, 

    you are just scheduling each show with the same file in the UI and then you change the file on disc to have different content when needed?
  • heh, I just got streaming working right and now I gotta upgrade?  :))

    LOL! Just kidding. We'll look at it. Have a "get together" tonight with some of the other folks involved in the station so we can talk about it.

    Naomi - Ideally we would setup a repeating event M-F at noon (in the case of Democracy Now) once and then the file on disk changes daily M-F. So, yes.

  • OK, so yeah... Putting today's file in the watched folder didn't actually work. 

    There's a playlist for Friday (when I created the event) and even though the calendar entries are there for this week, there is no playlist associated with the subsequent events. 

    @Paul Baranowski  - Does the 2.1 version work correctly? i.e. the scheduled Calendar and playlist continue correctly? Not sure I want to jump that far ahead but it'd sure beat daily updates for standard programming.

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    2.1 is in heavy development, I think playout is currently broken on it.  It should only be used for testing purposes on a separate machine from your existing production server.  You might want to wait until we start releasing betas before you give it a test.
  • LOL! OK. We'll hold and have to work it manually for now.

    I just saw a post in DEV (?) where someone else is looking for the same thing for continual shows. 

    We'll be patient. Thanks!
  • Hey, Any update on this?? Im looking for the same answer. I thought that if i put a file in a watched folder, that it would be auto updated-downloaded. example: everyday i want to run the Joe Show at 1pm... so i enter joeshow.mp3 into the playlist, and schedule it everyday. and have my host ftp his mp3 everyday named joeshow.mp3. does it overwrite the file and auto import it into the playlist?? if not, is there a way to set this up? i thought this was the point of watched folders! Launching a new talk station on monday and was kinda depending on this feature
  • Not that I've heard. It's scheduled for 2.1,

    And I agree, that's the way we've always done "watched" folders with other automation systems. Not a big deal for now, but it's definitely a "gotta have" function.

    A lot of our "dailies" are constant filename and just dumped into a folder on the network and the current systems pick it up from there so expanding this as a native function in Airtime just makes sense. 

    For us I envision the production machines running Ubuntu Studio and just dropping the completed production files into a folder that's an SCP shortcut to the watched folder on the Airtime server and Airtime picks it up at the appropriate scheduled time per the playlist and it works perfectly.

    I know it'll happen, just a matter of when.