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Re: Re: [campsite-support] problems with search module
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    There were some template errors:

    1. Bulgarian version: template error in bg/trazi.tpl (see screenshot
    2. Slovenian version: template error in slo/trazi.tpl (see screenshot
    3. Main publication: template error in magazin/trazi.tpl (see screenshot

    Also, I found two errors not related to search:
    4. Romanian version: drugipisu.tpl template was missing (included from
    /ro/onfrontovi.tpl) - see ro-front_page.png
    4. Arabic version: drugipisu.tpl template was missing (included from
    /ar/onfrontovi.tpl) - see ar-front_page.png

    I corrected all the errors in templates and copied the drugipisu.tpl template
    to romanian and arabic versions from the magazin directory.

    Please use the preview button from the issue when checking the templates
    because this is the only way you can see if there were syntax errors.


    --- webmaster@gay.org.yu wrote:
    > Hi,
    > i'm not sure what yuo mean by giving you acces to site, but if you meant to
    > acces to admin area here is address
    > decko.campware.org/priv, use tech as username and support as pass.
    > templates are under magazin folder for serbian.
    > if you wanted to acces to site itself i've gave it in my previous post,
    > www.gay.org.yu.
    > thanks for response.

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