What is Superdesk?
  • Superdesk is upon us! As announced yesterday, Sourcefabric are working on a new product for the Newsroom called Superdesk. So, what is it?

    Superdesk is a newsroom tool made by journalists, for journalists, which will offer new ways to source, manage, verify, process and present the facts behind a story. Not only this, but Superdesk will allow that story to be broadcast from any platform and medium available. In doing so, Superdesk will save organisations time and money and open up new revenue streams, ensuring the sustainability of independent media organisations, no matter what their resources or location.

    Find our more over at our blog http://sourcefabric.org/en/community/blog/800

    Please consider also voting for us in the Ashoka Citizen Media Innovation Award! http://www.changemakers.com/citizenmedia/entries/newscoop

    Post edited by Adam Thomas at 2011-11-10 06:21:58