Reinstal Failed
  • Hey,
    So i currently do know know what is up, every time i try to access the airtime interface on my computer, it says "he website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly."
    I tried to fix this by:
    apt-get purge airtime
    apt-get install airtime

    Same error
    Then i tried
    apt-get purge airtime
    apt-get purge apache2
    apt-get purge apache2
    apt-get install airtime

    Same error
    So i then i
    cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/

    To check to see if i had the proper files for the web server. they are there.
    the i uninstalled all of the dependents using aptitude and tried reinstalling everything.
    Still get the same error, so i tried to rebuild the code from the tar.gz files.... still no dice...
    I am at my whits end trying to get this thing back up and running (airtime lost my watch folders and then would not reindex them so i wast reinstalling)

    Please help

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  • Hi,
    please post the path where the apache airtime conf. file is pointing to.


    also check the directory it's pointing to
    (should be /usr/share/airtime by default)
    and check for the folders permission.
    it sounds like apache might not have permissions to access it.
  • I got it fixed. i posted again last night and it apparently didn't actually post what happened was the web browser was skipping the logging process, because it thought it was logged in, all i had to do to fix it was navigate to

    then access navigate back to my interface.
    Sorry i had this fixed about 2 hours after i posted, and apparently didn't post my solution even though i swear i did.