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  • Hello, i am new to Newscoop, but i was watching the project since it was Campsite. I like what Newscoop is now, and i would like to migrate my news site to this engine. For that, i am creating a brand new template, instead of converting the old one.

    I like the topic feature of Newscoop, but i would like to know something. Is it possible to get a list of popular topics? Popular for today, for a week or for a month?

    Can you give me an example?
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    do you mean topics as those set to articles at article edit screen, or page
    topic, or is it for sections that are kind of topics?

    Regardless of it I would probably use some web service, like google
    analytics, where you can define virtual pages (here for sections or topics)
    and call stats on them via javascript.

    You can take the info from $gimme, as
    and trigger action on those virtual analytics pages according to that.

    If it shall be at Newscoop without outer services, please, create a ticket
    for that. The current statistics is AFAIK just for articles.

    Martin Saturka
    Software Engineer, Sourcefabric

  • I am talking about article topics.

    I was thinking if there's a way to get most popular (by article views from that topic) topics list.
  • Do you define popular as being the topics with articles with the most page
    Douglas Arellanes
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    Find a way or make one.
  • Here's an example:

    Topic 1: Local elections 2011
    = Article on election 1
    = Article on election 2
    = Article on election 3

    Topic 2: Flood caused by a river
    = Article on flood 1
    = Article on flood 2
    = Article on flood 3

    Topic 3: Etno-festival Name
    = Article on festival 1
    = Article on festival 2

    So, i have 3 topics. I would like to have a box/module on site with, let's say, two popular topics, saying that total number of views of articles from topic 1 is greater than total number of views of articles from topic 2; and total number of views of articles from topic 2 is greater that total number of views of articles from topic 3.

    So, on the site i will have the box/module `Popular topics` with:
    Local elections 2011
    Flood caused by a river

    Note: it would be great if i could control the time limit, to display popular topics from today, or from the last 7 days, or from the last 30 days.

    My question is not mainly a technical one, i would like to know IF this thing is possible, because i am planning the grid of the site, and i would like to know if i should make the design of such a box.

    Of course, a piece of code as a general example would be great. Thank you.