Mediathon and hacking for Newscoop
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    On October 22nd and 23rd we will hold a special two-day hackathon in Prague, Czech Republic - which we call Mediathon. As the name tells you: we want both, journalists and developers, to join, network and hack away. Journalists, using the our software on a daily basis for their output. And developers who know it inside out. This combination should generate some great ideas, opportunities and hacks.

    So, for those two days our doors are open - you can either march in and work with us or use the forum to throw your ideas into the ring.

    Besides the ongoing coding, we are open to AdHoc Sessions (grab an expert and fire away), DemoOrDie Sessions (present your work to the crowd). The room will also be full of Sourcefabric experts to explain the inner workings of our software.

    Some ideas from us what we will be hacking for Newscoop:
    - Show the metadata for an image when you hover over it.
    - A widget that provides an easy place from which to search articles
    - Article quick edit
    - Improve drag-and-drop article reorder saves
    - "Most Recently Viewed(or Modified) Articles" quick navigation
    - Paywall integration with a payment gateway. Paypal for example.

    What ideas would you have? Or what code are you working on?

    If you want to attend - just drop me mail at and I will give you all the details Wink