Re: Airtime features
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    Hi Katim,

    > Greetings! It's been a long time since we last communicated, but I've
    > been keeping an eye on Airtime, and I'm glad to see that you are still
    > actively developing it. Please keep up the great work.

    Thanks :-) There is lots more to come.

    > I do have two questions though. First, how suitable is Airtime for use
    > by someone on the air and not in an automated situation.

    If you want to cue some files manually, you can integrate a DJ program
    such as Mixxx into your Airtime system:

    > I've gone
    > through the manual a number of times, and I can't find an easy way to
    > stop or pause a show.

    There is no pause button in Airtime, but you can cancel playout using
    the pop-up menu in the calendar. See the section 'Canceling playout and
    recording' at the end of the page

    If you find yourself having to cancel or stop playout manually on a
    regular basis, I would suggest using a broadcast mixer between the
    Airtime server and the transmitter so that you can fade between
    scheduled and live shows as required.

    > Second, when do you plan to have functionality to
    > support adverts? I think this will be very helpful because it will
    > really help round out the existing features you have.

    You can already insert adverts into playlists and shows. I would suggest
    tagging the audio files containing the adverts before upload, so that
    you can easily find them in the Playlist Builder.

    Specific features for automatic insertion of adverts will be part of the
    forthcoming smart playlists feature. We are also looking into generating
    statistical reports for advertisers.