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    It seems that the playlist timing is off somewhere.

    When I create a 60 minute playlist of the same songs I always used for testing, I would change the end time of last song so it would time out to exactly 60 minutes or 1:00:00.0. When I pick it from the list in Schedule Media, it's 0:59:59.979278 or 0:59:59.9 when shown in the list of schedule playlists on the right.

    I don't remember that happening in the past but can't tell you exactly when it started. However I checked 1.8.2 and it's OK there.

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    Hello, we are using a new file import method in 1.9 which extracts file length differently than previous versions of Airtime with greater subsecond precision so timing should be more accurate in 1.9 rather than 1.8.2. 1.8.2 and previous versions had more rounding which is prob why your playlist was shown in the UI to be slightly longer, but wasn't actually 1 hour in length.