change mp3 bitrate for recording
  • Hi,

    I've managed to change the default mp3 bitrate of 128k to 192k by editing /usr/lib/airtime/pypo/bin/scripts/ls_script.liq and changing:

    out_mp3 = output.icecast(%mp3,


    out_mp3 = output.icecast(%mp3(bitrate=192),

    But this doesn't affect the recording bitrate of live shows. Is there a way to do this?


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  • Hi, We dont officially support this yet. If you want to change this in the code look in "airtime/python_apps/show-recorder/"

    and modify
    command = "ecasound -i alsa -o %s -t:%s" % (filepath, length)

    command = "ecasound -i alsa -o %s,128000 -t:%s" % (filepath, length)

    for 128kbps.

    I have not tested this so no guarantees Smile Goodluck!
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  • Works in airtime 1.8.2-RC3

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