Shuffle Feature within playlists?

  • Hello my name is Jacob Bouchard I run WFKU radio ( I am currently using my own custom scheduler using ical, applescript, a few shell scripts, itunes as a player, and Nicecast as a broadcaster, its running on OS X. (actually its os x 10.5x..and itunes 7) The newest versions of the os or player break all the code.

    I would like to switch to something more reliable.

    Your solution is good. I went through the demo, it has a nice workflow, but in order to continue my awesome programming i need to be able to shuffle songs within a playlist.

    I also need to be able to set some of the variables of the shuffle feature to specific criteria.

    Apple started developing some of the shuffle feature i want a long time ago and then scrapped the whole thing in favor of genius which is also useless

    do the AIRTIME developers have any plans to incorporate a SHUFFLE function into the playlists at any time in the near future.

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    You can already do that with liquidsoap in airtime (modify ls_script.lisq)

    you have a lot of examples on this forum

    anyway a good thing to implement is an import/export playlist system ;)
  • I'd quite like a shuffle feature too, provided it logs the tracks that have been played and the order they've been played in - I think this would be a good feature for Airtime, particularly for a 'station' that runs in full automation. Smile
  • Hi,

    Please file a ticket on for this feature. I think it is very interesting and something we could potentially implement in the very near future.

    BTW we only support Debian based distributions at the moment. You wouldn't have much success getting Airtime running on OS X.
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    Wasn't there going to be an option to make random playlist already ? Think there already was a reply to my request for that, and i even have seen some discussion about how to implement it already. As stressed once more. Its something i feel the platform is really lacking. As its one of the more tedious jobs scheduling single songs for a whole week.

    Beter would be to schedule a random playlist ( the feature to play random is already in liquidsoap. But as far as i understood pypo pushes the songs one by one into the liquidsoap queue. ) only thing to not there is that a playlist can have more songs than the time there scheduled so they have to be cut off /faded when the show ends.

    So far my two cents

    Jeroen ( Radio A6 )

    still busy setting up the station and incorporating airtime in it ( can't stress enough how i love the product )

  • Hi!

    I've looked through our tickets, and can only see shuffle mentioned in this one: (which is currently scheduled in the distant future).

    I could see this feature being implemented independently of that ticket, I've created a sub-ticket available here:

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    Cheers, any kind of randomness would be greatly appreciated atm. Hope the distant future is not to distant as its an very important part of being able to run a music carousel without making the process to time consuming for our station manager ( he now plans 24/7 for a whole week which takes ages )

    Radio A6
  • +1 for random order of tracks in playlists! As far as I'm concerned, this feature is crucial and is absolutely stopping me from using this otherwise wonderful software, I just need that option baaadly.
  • Hey, are you talking about randomness where you could reorder the tracks that you have already placed in your playlist? I think I can add this in quickly as well as into our new 'Airtimeline' which will allow you to book several shows with the same content at one time, and then have an option to shuffle it.
  • Albert FR said:

    anyway a good thing to implement is an import/export playlist system ;)

    Amen to that! 
  • Please can someone confirm this is a feature now in newest version?
  • Shuffle content within a playlist will be in next release, 2.3
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    and if i all understand import/export playlist too :D
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