Re: Frustration with Empty Stream, No OnAir Light.
  • Hey,

    Its looking more like an issue with the precompiled liquidsoap binary we
    provide with Airtime. If you're willing, you should try compiling liquidsoap
    yourself, we have intructions on our Airtime wiki. Ill make a post later
    about where to copy the natively compiled binary in order for Airtime to use
    Dne 14.5.2011 13:10 "Ashley" <>

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    I also have this problem, i have compiled it manually and im ready to move it to the place it corresponds, please let me know.

    also, i will appreciate instructions for setting up the correct permissions and groups for a user to run liquidsoap (airtime). I noticed that this can't be run as root.

  • Hi Alejo,

    Please copy the compiled liquidsoap binary from liquidsoap/src to the file


    Then restart pypo using

    sudo airtime-pypo-stop
    sudo airtime-pypo-start

    Liquidsoap does not allow itself to be run as root, but running it as any other user should be fine. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
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