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    How should I schedule a show recording and then rebroadcast? I have made an entry in my calender (1.8) and it's there. But there is no way to add a playlist.
    So do I add a second non-record show and add the playlist to that?

    Also when I try to schedule a rebroadcast at the same time the next day I get an error that I "Must wait at least 1 hour to rebroadcast" but it's the next day.index.php/fa/115/0/ Then the record box unchecks and the Rebroadcast box disappears when this error occurs.

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  • Hi Jeremy,

    Your recorded show ends at midnight, which is when you set your rebroadcast show to play. Right now there needs to be a 1 hour gap between the 2.

    For the recording part, you do not deal with playlists. A show is recorded through your microphone/line-in, and saved as a file which is then rebroadcast at a later date.
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    Got it. Somehow I thought it recorded what was on air during that time period for later playback regardless of the source.