Troubles upgrading to 1.7
  • After all the hard work you put into the new version i tried to install it. I ran into a few problems and wanted to let you guys no, and ask for advice.

    After installing following the instructions in the wiki some things where not working out of the box ( mind you im running airtime on a server with no x-server ). After installing i got into the interface and everything seemed to be working as should (love the improvements ). The config dir for all the files is way better.

    The thing i ran into when scheduling a show was that the show was shown playing but no On air. Icecast didn't even show the silence.mp3. After some research i found that the problem was solved by installing libvorbis-ocaml-dev as suggested in on of the forums post, think this should be included in the manual.

    Everything seems to be working as should except i still have no on air button for the show. Already checked if timezones where correct.

    Something has changed in the way the m3u files are generated as well somehow ( or how the mp3 files are created ). Windows media player plays the file correctly but vlc keeps downloading instead of streaming it. The M3u file works perfectly from my live airtime server.

    Another feature request: Most troubles can be found in the logs, it would be great if there was a log viewer in airtime itself ( like in preferences )

    Some other questions:
    jquery support was added ( how do i access it ? )
    what is the new rabbitmq package about ?
    whats with the Allow Remote Websites To Access "Schedule" Info? in preferences ?

    So Far
    Jeroen ( Radio-A6 )
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  • Hi Jeroen,
    here's a partial answer to your questions (I'll follow up on that)

    Can you please restart the machine and attach the liquidsoap log file?

    Rabbitmq is a messaging service. It helps us with implementing changes in realtime through-out Airtime.

    Allow Remote Websites To Access "Schedule" is made for
    allowing widgets on websites to access the calendar scheduling.
  • Jeroen,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I added "libvorbis-ocaml-dev" to the list of required packages. This package seems to be missing from the Ubuntu server edition.

    As Ofir mentioned, please post the logs, that will help us out a lot. Are you saying you can stream music fine, but the ON-AIR light does not turn on?

    As for the m3u playlists being generated, this is strange since we do not generate these playlists (liquidsoap does). Please update us with your situation.

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