Apache2 Errors
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    I'm getting

    [Sat Apr 02 15:58:53 2011] [error] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: rebroadAb in /usr/local/src/airtime/application/controllers/ScheduleContr oller.php on line 431, referer:

    in /var/log/apache2/error.log

    Any ideas?

    Also when I click the Add to schedule button it accepts the input but doesn't show anything in the calendar.

    This is for the latest git but even before that.

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    OK the good news is it's all fixed and 1.7 is running fine so far.

    I had to gut apache2 because I had messed up the config with webmin. On top of that I discovered apt-get wasn't actually deleting /etc/apache2 when purging the install.

    One caveat is that apache2 may not enable the necessary mods by default after such a drastic removal (using locate) and install.

    Also it's key that /etc/hosts is resolving correctly to the hostname for localhost.

    After that I installed a clean copy of airtime 1.7 from the download page and rebooted.

    As they say, a clean install on a clean OS, but who lives in that ideal? Smile

    Anyway I will keep my working 1.7 in it's own directory and create another one for playing with the git updates.