How it works

To post, simply sign in to your profile and click Start a New Discussion.

How do I sign up or log in?

Sourcefabric uses one secure login (SSO) to allow you to access all our community tools - forums, mailing lists, code review and bug-reporting. You can make a new account or use another service like Twitter or Facebook to log in. To sign up or log in, visit and follow the instructions.

How do I use the forums?

Easy. Click Start a New Discussion, put a useful title, select a category and write your post. Try and be descriptive - add screenshots, descriptions of your computer (OS, browser), the version and name of the software (e.g. Airtime 1.9.4) and log files if applicable. Once you’ve posted you have the option to share to social networks, vote and bookmark discussions. Others will comment and you’ll be notified by mail.

Can I use a mailing list instead?

Sure. Visit your profile page at and click the link "My Email Subscriptions" on the left side menu. In the pop-up window that opens, check the boxes for the mailing lists you wish to subscribe to, then click the Save button.

What are the house rules?

We don’t have hundreds of forum rules, just one: be nice. Naturally, the Sourcefabric forums are not a place for spam, adult content or explicit language. Sourcefabric moderators do reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any post, topic or thread at any time they see to be offensive, inappropriate or objectionable. All posts made to these forums by community members express the views and opinions of the author and not the Sourcefabric team.